We and our todays generation have us in common and stepwise developed, and jointly heralded with our world comunity now together the new trends of the 21 century. Helpful was one of the bigger evolutionary Accelerations of energy flow from the central sun of our Galaxy, the has us it supported. To the next step, in 22nd century will come one century of hope, and the thrust of the evolution is still further powerful to felt for the next coming generations. However no longer so weightily in a technical development, but more within the social human groupings.
Because in the today's  world  with so many different nations and the pronounced individual national consciousness of all these global countries with additionally still different contrary views of the religions and also contrary and additionally opposing ideologies,  and the fight over the dominating world power. Then is in the coming hundret years an agreement of all nations the next development step of mankind. The global technical progress must be absolutely brought with the humanitarian development of all peoples in the equilibrium. In the last centuries whole continents begun have already now a unit within her own structure to forming. After whole continents have begun a unit within her own structure to forming, will then with the further merger for all the Nations during next generations  and into coming centurys during the ongoing interstellar evolution-thrusts begun will be. Then grows our global world with all the continents together, and is then One unity Earth, wrapped in realistic global social stability.  

When per 100 million earthlings only hundret persons so think like we, then we are together world-wide a group of 7000 people. But I think we be to grow and more enlighted poeple be and that pretty fast! We can change our lives from tomorrow, if we start today to  build the future for us in a new shape! Our journey began to grow out of the light  in a disembodied form, further into the existence to a Microbe, to grow then further into a physical body til to the end. Now then again to transform into a disembodied form and further to one higher level and one still larger round in a higher spiral to develop further. So is the spirit of life still further on a way to higher forms. This is the meaning of life!  The meaning of life is an everlasting elaboration of knowledge for our further collective development of our total humanity, with the extension of our own mental knowledge-structure of each single individual personality of being. that then growing so a contemporary and ethical collective consciousness level within the human community.  The destiny of man is it not in eternity on Earth to converting, but further progress in the further course of the evolution to learn and then ultimately to as an unified beings such as a God. It's a long way to can be in a complete and awaked human personality  into grow,  and then a whole people into integrate in one single human what takes a long time til into our distant future. But then we are the real living beings, and then are we rulers over the life. Nothing is infinite, each development has ended for a new beginning and for further coming following cycles in a further new galactic round. Perhaps it is then later groups of generations possible better understand, if some new senses are open, and the humans can then with open eyes in the future see.
People don't can easy to new levels to rise because everyone the reality from his perspective can see of the own personality. The human being must for a further development to the next cosmic level his emotionale personality move to resign. With the physical brain is the world of cosmic structure not to capture.  I have all time of the world,  step for step with the people together to grow. That is during the overall development of our solar system, over millions of years, from the beginning up to the end til to the Pralaya, this is the real period inside our cosmic galactic round. 
wb 2010



The art of mental transformation is the ability to turn five dimensional visions into signals that can be grasped within four dimensional perception structures when a sense of purpose has been developed, because in our world of three dimensional vision there are already advanced individuals already being taught at this level and have also developed the meaning. However, the resulting forces are handled by humans with today's development and therefore for the time being with an uncoordinated consciousness. This instinctively applies all the acquired abilities on the principle of "least resistance," or the current level of ethical development of each personality. However, this does not matter in the long run, because under the subsequent changes due to the generative influences, a planetary collective consciousness gradually develops which automatically leads to global balance and a reasonable form of coexistence in the course of our development.  In principle, the fourth dimension is also a physical plane of existence with many different quality characteristics of a substance that is getting faster and lighter also in the upper part. In the course of future evolutionary development, the speed of rotation of the individual parts becomes cautious but continuously faster, and therefore it is unnecessary to waste thoughts on what is going on in the lower, lazier areas of this astral plane for a life cycle. The instrument and link between the various dimensional fields is an "organ" that is latent in every human but unconscious, but can not be consciously perceived.


In the mystical literature one speaks of the place where heaven and earth come together. Thus, the four-dimensional is connected with the three-dimensional, pictorially connected by a bridge. This symbolic bridge is the organ that makes the blind see. So the development to more speed in the mind is already hidden in our minds from the very beginning. The problematic aspect is that the inexperienced person calls this organ the third eye, but this is nonsense because this organ has absolutely nothing to do with spatial vision. Rather, it is an organ that conveys an inner vision, and the above-mentioned problem is that the man awaking thus can direct and also shape four-dimensional matter and can also achieve an effect with it.

Unfortunately, it is associated with effect and counteraction, which requires a really enormous responsibility from the personalities who are gifted with it. Because energies always move in a circle and ultimately come back to the origin again and again, but somewhat displaced by the ever-increasing increase of the velocity of all energetic-plastic substances, this explains the spiral energy structure of the cosmic structure. In the 3 dimensional we use copper wire coils to amplify electrical energy and therein is the danger to the type of person who uses this mechanic for personal human emotional goals. The good thing about it is that it separates the wheat from the chaff and provides a natural mechanism for better ethical development of humanity to ensure a new future. Today man can hardly imagine what a civilization looks like made by a population that is as at home in the fourth dimension as it is in the three-dimensional world, although as a total humanity in the past cycles of evolution we have often reached this threshold , If this is Vollbracht, then in the coming cycles the 5-dimensional energy field lies at our feet like a mowed meadow. wb 2013

The problem of most people is that the projection of their mental goals is always dependent on what they focus on as the focus of their own egotistical drives in terms of their goals. That is why so few people can realize their dreams and also the reason why the successful ones burned out so early to realize that their aspiration was nonsensical and pointless, because the balance between the spiritual and the material form of being is to be found the level of happiness and satisfaction of a well-balanced personality. William Baracchi 2013


William Baracchi 2017

The behavior of gluons, which are the carrier of the strong interaction, which provide at the subatomic level to the stability of all matter and are permanently responsible for the changes and adjustments of all the physical forms. Just as  with the outer human shell also is the planet constantly subjected to a everlasting systematic change in his appearance.

Unfortunately, these changes in the outer earth's crust are often associated with the suffering and death from people who are all affected unfortunately. The people however must to the future learn by that only a cohesion and the global sympathy together is also with the world associated what a help for those of the disaster affected people is and as a human duty and of compassion of all what lives and it works only is in the community as collective beings.
 Later, however, when there the death is no meaning in the modern sense more has, on our human international community will all recognize that behind all the destruction and the resulting disasters nevertheless a positives planing is underlying and that actually the death itself is not more important because then the collective humanity recognizes that they is not mortal in the higher sense.  wb 2017

Radiation of electromagnetic wave one dipole antenna.

The poetical scientist and poet Christian Morgenstern knew in his time already that a truth can only act if the recipient is ripe and ready is for them. So had he the knowledge even before the creation of the actual antenna technology, which was developed only after his death. He knew already in this time that in the reality and finally in the philosophical sense a spiritual "impressionale message" can only be received when the receiver in harmonic resonates with the  transmitters is and on the same frequency resonates. What he knew of half - wave dipole or electric magnetism is his secret. It remains to assume that he was in personally in contact with  Heinrich Hertz and he was apparently also very strong impressed by him. wb 2012


A good approach are the theories of the scientists of nowadays about travel by the cosmic time structure of the room, to use worm holes-tubes, as transport vacuum for a "quantum leap"to. No one can so move, physical substances on this way. Also nobody can not with his body without prejudice  to traverse across these paths, only   unbound energy cores such as consciousness units of light quanta or a much higher quality of development, are only that material than we are currently imagined to capture the location within the Intergalactic worlds and their energetic fields of tension can without prejudice to pass such "bridges routes" and move across many galaxies across so thousands of light-years over this bridge.

Visitors gave it at cyclical intervals at all times, but only the beings in non pysical stuctures of other stars in the non physical form are able us to visit at any time. To move the freedom to have through space from a Galaxy to the other,  is possible only after a long evolution of the species to accomplish that are released from the bonds of material forms. They pull on their ways along and come not with destructive intent, but rather as very helpful as hikers whose Lebensfluid circulates much soft and in much higher dimension than their own solar systemic life of our local solar system. There are the true sensations of the development of the worlds and they are responsible for the continuing power of evolutionary speed, the flow of their own life energy, which pours to as like a waterfall in our Galaxy and our sun-system. Also we are in a quite time, of a very long time in the we in eons of pralayas  our of suns-orbit cycles and protracted development period have, then also appear in the form of a non-material existence and  resolved the physical form.

The Theosophists, and some peoples and religion founder speak of "my Kingdom is not of this earth and that coming very soon will", but they forgot to tell us that it how until then many eons of years will pass and whole galaxies in the nothing to sink and then again will emerge out of nowhere.

The traffic between the intelligences that occurred far away from our Galaxy, and our own solar system is never, at any time, neither in the past nor in the future, by means of mobile physical transport equipment such as space ships. This idea had sprung from the minds of people or sci-fi fantasist and nonsense. The hike from living intelligent beings from one place to another is always in a State of non-material and no one was able to see ever an cosmic alien who flew in a space suit with his UFO  inside  in our world around. Dear Mr. Erich von Däniken they experienced their lives their dreams of wearing in the waking state. There is also no evil aliens who come to us, and destroy the world. Nature affecting our solar system are in a certain sense without consciousness for good or evil and their stage of development is for us humans beyond the term assets. But their energetic bow-wave for all people who have developed a sense  it to felt. Also they leave a drop of her life in our solar system, to the revival of her own solare life forms from time to time,  like older brothers  they what the smaller always be helpful to be. wb

If you believe that the Australopithecus anamensis or Homo erectus or otherwise an standing upright human species the birth of today's humanity was, then this an erroneous assumption because also the fossilized remains of prehistoric fossils and Ammonite are also our roots. However only in different perspectives of the forms, and on the way to a higher consciousness and a transfer to a new better form of existence level.


The essence of the world has no beard, and the cosmos is not an inexhaustible space.
To begin with, one can say that the cosmos is not infinite but a spiral-shaped, interwoven circular structure with a diamond-shaped structure that has a beginning and an end. We have to visualize it in such a way that the beginning always re-transforms the dissolving structural physical substance from the end into itself and produces new fiery gaseous molecular structures, bringing it to life over the course of billions of years into new solar systems and new worlds , Total diameter of the total mass is billions of light year giga units. For people with limited size of the physical brain, this is not yet detectable. The total energetic synergies of this perpetual process also complete the essence of the cosmic cosmic worlds to ever greater state of consciousness, of which, however, in the present developmental period, man can not even make the slightest representation at this stage.

Intelligent entities develop in the bosom of the cosmic fabric, but the structure is unconscious, but merely an electrical phenomenon that rotates continually, nourishing and generating cosmic "macrocosmic" life units such as parents, just as our solar system also controls the humans in our "microcosmic" "Protected existence.

In this way, we too are fused with the energy circuit of our solar system, and in the truest sense serve our solar systemic life as the engine for its further development. One day, then, we are also independent of the material atomic structure, and integrated into the entire solar system as a unit of consciousness. Then, to repeat the same process over the next billions of years within our home galaxy, with its central sun, Alcyone, to grow into an even more formidable galactic-sized collective entity.

These truths have always been guarded in the past only by a very small and selfish group of initiates, religious or mystical, and communicated only to a few adepts in the smallest of terms. What would have been easy to understand in a simplified way has been unfairly kept secret for centuries within an artificially produced complexity, as is still common in most of the religion teachings today, and handed down in obscure scriptures of humanity.

Throughout the millennia, all religions and communities around the world have formed powerful emotional thought bubbles that powerfully mesmerized mass media to enslave them. However, these forces only exist on an emotional level. In the coming generations of reason, a cycle of all these energies of dogma and immovable religion philosophies in our emotional and illusionary world lit by a spark of understanding and dissolves into smoke, creating a new collective world order. These destroyers do not burn any external physical substance but only influence and capture the powerful accumulations of thought energy in an ether of ideological masses of people. The cohabitation of humans then evolves into a healthy planetary community and the next step into a common future begins.

Very ancient symbols in our modern time and new generations forming gradual a new collective consciousness to a socially stable world-order for our future. We must not to be anchored in the present, but we must learn to understand what could have our development in the future for a purpose. We will certainly have a livable future, and we will ultimately our way til to the end go and then we enjoy another further round for our higher development. Many of today's people over the world are enlightened, but everyone finds the truth alone, and only on its one lonly way. But to the end we are collectively through collective initation to one unit grown. People need to learn that we only stepwise in our future can go to and us on this way forward develop. We must learn to think for longer time frames. Nothing is infinite, each development has follow for the new beginning and for further higher following circles to a new Galactic round. Until the point of inner life in his own inner world in a balanced harmony with the outer existence.
Non vi, sed verbo. We live only for the moment and for a small part of the universal life, but we must understand that our entire development will take still further thousands of years. In addition, we should recognize that our ultimate goal is the form of Disembodiedness as a collective being
wb 2014
Nicholas Roerich, Kanchenjunga, 1936.

Nicholas Roerich is one of my favored artist!  When the mountains of Himalayan could tell all the storys of life, then would they say: If you look back 200 million years development until into the Mesozoic period of our humanoid evolution, then you can imagine how long our further development will take time still until the end. wb 2015


It exist infinity many  onion-like energetic bundle of energy in the shape of gaseous life-forms since beginning of our time in our star system and the Earth. It is a dance of different types and some of the types was already very far developed and are very fast on her spirale motion and a still also other parts what is yet not sufficiently in the forms developed is, but they life even in a plane. They move themselves over each other and side by side  in a  parallel level  together, and  build then together in a collective  the forms of the future of the human body and also to the new measuring units for the coming generations to a new norm of the existence. So are then inside of our atom structure  small four-dimensional microcosmical units transformed into our external macrocosmic three-dimensional life level, then is the lower level turned to the upper level, that  is the alchemical rule of the cosmos. That means that even in the smallest parts of the atomic substances always microparticles circulate around a micro-core around and circulated be, what the energetic substance together binds  with her own magnetic gravitational energie, what now in the next time periode from the scientists as Higgs boson discovered and identifies was and  further to explore is. So also the sun with our earth circulates around her own central Sun of the Alcyone.

This large system also bringing a further central large force within our Galaxy in motion and is like a dynamo for the still much larger galaxies. This what we humans call ''the entire universe'', is in turn only a small part from a very much large cosmic electrical voltage-level within of the unimaginable space what we could describe as infinity if we were able to grasp the whole cosmic picture with our consciousness. The only thing that us helps to understand this mystery, slow and as a silent clue hazy and foggy, without of the knowledge of the space curvature, which now inside of an understanding slow begins into ours mind and with our energies of the thought now the between final phase into a spiral-shaped structure of understanding, so that we then be integrated into a higher dimension of thought and we understand the transforming of the entire infinite cosmic  energy of the space on a higher spiral and then also we understand the laws of duality.   wb 2013


In a not-too-distant of time has then the sphere of the planet earth a much higher humidity and is then no longer for the respective generations so clearly and be translucent like today, rather is then the atmosphere of the earth like behind a foggy and cloudy curtain with more shades of grey in nature as it is the case today and it present themselves then more of foggy colors in the shade-scale of blue and turquoise coloured, as bathed in milk. The horizon is then no more a sharp line and he disappear then behind a misty curtain, and appears us as a cloudy band in the evening light with much more red particles, than as is it are today. In later generationen convert then part for part certain plant genera and flowers her colors, and transform her nuances and incorporate then to violet colors in the color scale of our flora what then absolutely no downside for our future existence is. The world will her "face" always continue to develop and mankind also has his share of it because the physical form of people slowly and in the course of the development of a continuous evolutionary change is subject in foreseeable time periods. The largest and most important achievements what our complete Perspectives and of our standards and of knowledges in unprecedented and newest findings into a new light see, have we now reformed and in this century detected and now new to this learned.
The mankind will one day understand what our science for example with the British physicist of Peter Higgs now at the beginning of the 21th century as a kind of provable theory begun has and then the scientists in the future this phenomenon to extending to a finale realistic mechanical application. Then is it possible pysical mass to transform with this principle, or also again new mass backward reproduced will. Designed for people of tomorrow with a completely new and for the todays mankind incomprehensible and unimaginable technique. The most important function of this coming technical knowledge is it to example Meteors and large chunks on wandering in space to dissolving into nothing to transform, which from time to time bring cyclically havoc to us. Our evolutionary development comes progressing not so fast, and it is can unfortunately also the most terrible weapon what the mankind imagine be. Therefore this technic requires the handling of a force that underlies of the alchemical kitchen of the Sun and requires also the social stability of our planet Earth, before our future human units in a responsible way to deal with it. Many species of the animals and other life forms are also equally ready to changing to develop their further life and also the habits and physical characteristics in the course of evolution and adapt to the respective time periods to.
wb 2012

Inspired by his teacher Jean-Martin Charcot, has Sigmund Freud created his theory of the "mass hysteria" in the 19th century. I think it's now time for the creation of a "mass therapy" for our civilisation now in the 21st century, in terms of our todays "iPhone civilization" in which we live today, and is every day in all our day life in public into all the means of transport daily to observe. The art of spiritual transformation is it visions into  the higher dimensional brain structures of the humans to transmitted, with help from our beings of the open sense and our latent ability to send. Then the signals transformed into our three dimensional mental real world, and then gently and slow into the consciousness of humans implanted!    wb 2015

The  knowledge of outside  from our systemic higher dimensions cannot be received by individuals intuitively, as a direct impression of a higher source itself, but requires a mediator. Every person with a pronounced sensitive ability  can then impression and visions from the higher knowledge only by his itself by the common collective body of  "the spirit of world soul"  visions from the nature from the galaxies learn understand , which then in turn consciously and also more or less unconsciously by the humans into consciousness  is absorbed  into our part of the physical dimension of the habitat.
All enlightened beings  of our planet and our solar system "self "are then capable and ready  the imaginary messages as a signal and also as images like a head movie  then three-dimensionally before the eyes of the observer to see and to understand. Look into your inner world.  Build you then the imaginary bridge, which then gradually opens your inner senses. For us and our evolution it's very important and also for our further life to the planet to protect the natural habitat, because we still need our planet for a weile, for the development of our collective "self "! wb !
wb 2013

Are people always looking for other living beings in the cosmos that are equal to us. Us is it unaware, however that they are much closer as than we can think. Not all developments can at the same time take place in the cosmic Stars-Empire because all developments on different time-levels are distributed in this tremendous time and space structure. Our Universal-Brothers are distributed on different dimensional time levels so that we can not perceive our evolved brothers because they now already lead a disembodied existence and they exist many millions of years before or after our time period. Nevertheless, we live real parallel to each other. wb 2012


At the beginning, it was only unspectacular gaseous substance, just only a small fraction of as seeds for a future Galaxy. In the course of evolution and after many rounds, then slowly and step by step the inconspicuous fiery mist his own structure into his new cosmic state and into a new physical structure transformed. They is in the beginning very transparent and later then arise thereof gradually many new cosmic solare systems. One of the Suns grew in the cetrums-middle as a huge Giant-Sun which all others groups of the smaller suns like a mother feeds with life energy. One of the still foggy formations, with a core of a Sun in the Middle, was ouer own solar system with ouer earth, and we humans existed already latent in the Fiery crowd, but still in a disembodied form and without any proprietaries any content of awareness. But with the vitality and Life-Power of inner drive to develop to equipped, and already also with one still latent sleeping consciousness equipped. After many further rounds, emerged the first planetary forms around the today's Sun, and so also the life unit, which slowly awoke on the young planet.


Still informally started their development, to a gently growing consciousness on the planet, very slowly to emerging. In the course of time changed the planets climate, and the life on it is moved from one to the other planet , until we ultimately on the earth arrived are, where we still live today. Until then, we were still formless body, and our consciousness was just enough the first spherical forms into a physical body to transform and to build. Then after this has our conscious sensory perception definitely started.


However, the shapes of the body were still from a transparent and rubbery substance but some ones from the first human units already they had delicate first moleculare structures and they give birth also still out from himself because they life still androgyn. 
But some of exist already now in two single body but the two "sexed" will then not more be exist on Earth, and henceforth live as  pairs. This applies to all forms of life on this planet, because they all come from the same seed of life like ourselves.

We humans need to us continually and always further from generation to generation multiply, until the mind spark is ignited and we ourselves are back in our original self-sufficient existence level into a total collective beings unit merged. But then in a intangible, and later into a very developed sphere with much higher consciousness, so that we can then expect our evolution on a higher level of development. wb 2013





As well as a small spark of life from the total planetary energy reservoir at fertilization in the Embrioblast is planted, exactly thus became a small glimmer of life-quality of a great being, what our sphere touched has into ours collective world soul implanted. Exactly so how a baby grows up, so grows also this "world-baby" slowly, but steadily gradually over many generations. This "baby" is perfect in a whole people group integrated, where it grows steadily gradually, to then to wake up into ours collectives world soul. To ultimately the molecular genetics structures of the human incarnations-chain to interact with to stimulate the humankind. Thus be they gradually softly transported to a higher level of a life form ethic. In the not-too-distant time will then a whole group integrated in our human world and then brings social impulses for a positive social structure to the inhabitants of the planet. This spark of life remain as an integral part of the collective planet family and will be here for the further development of the genes of our life form and their collective world soul from now on, up to the end will be in this solar cycle of life within our sphere.

The esoteric meaning "the sons of the one" of the so-called "dancing-sparks"  the with the sons of the Earth remain connected here until to the end of time and serve the people as a precursor in to the Pralaya till to the end of the complete Mahakalpa and also as an companion from Yuga til to the next Yuga.
Physically seen brings a great cosmic Sun from her light spark from their own energies in our solar system, so as a doctor who injected his patients to the organism to strengths energetic vitamins directly with a hypodermic needle into the bloodstream. The people who have eyes to see recognize the since long a time the  involved different cosmic peoples-units in our evolutionary circuit for help our evolutionary development of our Earth. The newly created life forms within our human family and their genetic change to a positive direction explains also the evolutionary thrusts which we currently enjoy.They emerges through forms in the outer world and shows the impressionable perceptions and their results in the scientific, technical, psychological and social areas in our modern world, and can in a resurgent of skills of the spirit and opening of spiritual perception into of a new intuitive visions  to be found. Later is then created step by step a new psychological key to a socially stable future to a global and extremely functional world order.

They then strive also in their own evolution to move into a higher level in a continuous advancement to a higher spiral, and they are already on  much higher development-levels in a much larger network of the galactic circle and of with same life cycle grows also her own quality in her own development. The modern mankind of the future should these large energy-units but not as God describe because that still the idea of our old views from a old word represents of the world philosophy out our old past.
wb 2014

Born in the center of one Galactic heart, growing up in a sea of stars, of a Galaxy. Of wandering through the systems and then into ones worlds to go around the spiral of eternity with cyclical movements of spirit and his will of the determination in many Kalpas and the integrated living forms of many beings to perfect. William Baracchi 2015

I am surprised that parts of my writings have been in Davos quote almost literally and now have found worldwide weight. These are hopefully good prospects for the future.
The meaning of life is the constant continuous collective elaboration and improvement of the spiritual further development of the humanity through the expansion of own intellectual knowledge from every single person, for a better collective ethic and social behavior in our human life community. This applies to each individual!